A REVIEW of parking restrictions around a residential area in Brentwood has been called for.

Karen Chilvers, Lib Dem councillor for Brentwood West, has request for a formal parking consultation to be conducted looking at the parking scheme around the Clements Park development.

Issues have been raised about the parking situation, including residents having difficulty find parking spaces and drivers parking in neighbouring streets to avoid the restrictions which were installed in 2007.

Miss Chilvers believes a lot of this is down to array of different restrictions on the roads in the area which sees some places with no parking allowed while others with an hour limit or no restrictions at all.

Miss Chilvers said: “The parking scheme needs to be looked at in general. I think it’s too complicated.

“In 2007, when the schemes were introduced, a lot of the residents views came from people living there who had off road parking, so those who now live in the flats which weren’t finished at the time have suffered over the years.

“I do not have a fixed idea about what should happen with the parking around the streets there, but I feel we have to ask residents what they feelings are about the situation.

“It is a self-contained estate and we need to give everyone who lives there the chance to give their views on what is going on and what they are happy with.”

If the consultation is launched, it would be managed by the South Essex Parking Partnership, a group which deals with parking issues in Brentwood, Basildon, Castle Point, Chelmsford, Maldon and Rochford.