AN AUTHOR who has written a series of books about a singer is adding music to his titles.

John Brindley, from Brentwood, has come up with a idea of making songs, recorded by the star of his books, Amy Peppercorn, available to download online.

Miss Peppercorn is a singer Mr Brindley came across during a concert inspiring him to write stories about her aspirations to become a pop star. Now alongside the books, readers can listen to the music.

Mr Brindley said: “As you go through the book there are songs and lyrics in them.

“Originally, I just wrote the book, but now I have been able to produce the songs mentioned in the story and the music will be available to download with the book.

“Three songs can be downloaded off the internet and if you buy the e-edition version for devices such as Kindles you can get the songs on there with it.”

The paperback costs £7.95 while the e-edition can be purchased for £2.50 with one song free, or £3.50 with three songs.

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