COUNCIL bosses have defended a decision to not discuss the Hutton Community Centre’s refurbishment budget at a committee meeting.

Brentwood Council opposition members were outraged when it was announced a report about the project’s costs and business plan would not be heard.

Despite not being on the agenda, it had been due for public discussion at the Community Services Committee meeting at Town Hall on Wednesday.

However it was decided not to hold the talks as the documentation was “not ready”.

In a statement, committee chairman Jan Pound said: “In response to why Hutton Community Centre was not on the Community Services Committee agenda on Wednesday January 8, I told the committee we were not ready with the detailed budget to bring to the meeting.

“We are anxious to present it at the next meeting in February.

“We are committed to moving forward with the Hutton Community Group to bring positive results for the residents.”

The project to renovated the boarded-up venue in Wash Road has been the centre of controversy over the plan’s budget and future running of the centre.