A DEMAND for an emergency council meeting has been made by the leader of the opposition at Brentwood Council regarding William Hunter Way.

Lib Dem group leader Barry Aspinell has asked for the meeting after it was revealed last month building firm Aquila who represent Waitrose had made an alternative offer for the development.

As reported by the Weekly News on December 19, the offers had been turned down by council leaders as they did not want to break their current deal with Stockland.

The alternative was not mentioned to other councillors and Mr Aspinell believes it should have been.

Mr Aspinell said: "I believe we have been hoodwinked and mislead over the true worth of this site to our town for the last eight years.

"The current scheme we are told by the Leader that we cannot walk away from for fear of legal repercussions was sold to us as the best possible deal for the council, but this is wrong."

Leader of the council Louise McKinlay said there was no way an alternative could be discussed.

The Conservative said: "We are clearly in a legally binding deal with Stockland which we are in the final negotiations of.

"I don't know how many times the opposition have to be told this and they just seem intent to open up the council and taxpayer's cheque book to look for another deal."