BUDDING George Formby’s are being searched for to help an aging banjo band keep playing.

An appeal has been put out by the Blackmore-based Digswell Banjo Band for new members to come and join them so they can continue to play gigs.

Formed 30 years ago as a girls choir with instruments, the six current members are aged between 60 and 80.

Band member David Price said unless they can find some fresh talent before time catches up on the members, they will have to call it a day.

Mr Price said: “The sad fact is some of us will not be around for much longer so we need to find new members.

“We used to 15 players and having more musicians allows for a bigger sound and better performance.

“All we need is a few more players really and it doesn’t matter if you’re a star player or can only play a few chords, we can help you along the way.

“We try to be a humourous with our shows so would like someone to join who can have a laugh, but we’d love to welcome anyone to the group.”

Anyone who is interested in joining Digswell should contact Mr Price directly by calling 01277 824616 or emailing him via dvprice@live.com.