A CAFE in Shenfield is starting up a series of acoustic music nights.

Staff at Onaplate in Hutton Road are now looking for local talent to come and play in their shop.

The first night is set to happen on Friday, February 28 and owner Steve Wilmott said he has already had chats with a few interested artists about coming to play.

Artwork and photographs from local people is already displayed on the walls of the cafe on a monthly basis.

Mr Wilmott says this has worked to give artists in Brentwood a chance to show off their talent and is hoping the acoustic nights will do the same.

He said: “When we started displaying the artworks in here it was an attempt to throw something back into the community and give people a chance to display their stuff.

“Now I want to do with this musicians and I’m looking to offer something a bit different to the open mic nights you get elsewhere.

“We want it to be different from performers trying to be the next Frank Sinatra or Michael Buble and the performers I have spoken to already do play their own original material.”

At first a couple of nights will be held each month but it is then hoped they can be made a weekly event.

Mr Wilmott said: “We have a good facility and feel that we can create a very nice intimate atmosphere for somebody to play and as it grows we are sure that locals will gain a following.”

Anyone interested in playing can get in touch with the cafe by calling 01277 214212.