FURY has erupted over a troublesome pothole which engineers insist was sorted out eight months ago - but is still in the road.

Repeated complaints had been made to Essex County Council over the crater at the junction of Kings Chase and Kings Road, Brentwood, which was left despite first being reported way back in late 2012.

However, when quizzed by the Weekly News about the lack of repairs to the hole, staff from the authority said their records showed it had been fixed...last summer.

A spokesman said: “Essex Highways carried out repair work to the road defect at this location on June 12, 2013.

“There are currently no outstanding highways defects recorded at this location at present.

“We would like to urge residents to report Highways defects, such as pot holes, using the online reporting tool which can be found at: www.essex.gov.uk/highways.”

This has caused anger among residents and councillors who have reported the issue in the past.

David Kendall, Lib Dem county councillor for Brentwood South, said the authority’s response was “unbelievable” especially as he took a picture of the pothole just last Sunday.

Mr Kendall said: “This is simply not good enough.

“These potholes represent a serious danger to motorists and pedestrians and are an example of the many that we currently have littering Brentwood's roads.

“Our residents quite rightly expect Essex County Council's Highways Department to get these repaired quickly but sometimes we are having to wait many months for any action.

“I intend to leave Rodney Bass and the Essex County Cabinet in no doubt as to the anger and frustration felt by many Brentwood residents over the state of our roads and footpaths.”