An 80 foot tree which crashed down in Brentwood has been chopped up and power has now been restored to up to 100 homes.

The huge oak which fell in the wind in Coxtie Green Road, near Warwick Place, between Pilgrims Hatch and South Weald, was being sawn up by workmen this morning.

The majority of homes in the area had power back by 1.30pm today - and the road was reopened.

The electricity went out at 9.45pm last night when residents gathered in the road to warn motorists of the hazards ahead.

Police arrived on the scene at about 10.20pm and set up a road block.

At 12.15am today a National Grid automated service revealed about 1,500 calls had been received between 10pm and midnight in the south East of England.

The message said they would only respond if there was a danger to life.

Resident Katy Pearson, 29, was busy cooking her husband a Valentine's meal when the lights went out.

She said: "The duck just managed to cook in the end and all was not lost.

"This is a Valentine's night I certainly won't be forgetting in a hurry!!"