A CITY trader who was shot in the leg outside Shenfield station returned to work this week, only to be pranked by balaclava-clad workmates.

Robin Clark returned to work at RP Martin in London after being shot by a masked gunman in a car park next to the station on January 24.

The cruel prank was played on the broker despite him having been back in the office for just a few hours last Tuesday.

Two jokers walked up behind him wearing balaclavas and shouted "bang".

But Robin, or "Clarky" as he is known to work pals, laughed off the stunt.

On Wedneday though, the 44-year-old was taken back to hospital after reopening the wound by tripping on a kerb, according to one national newspaper.

The gunman who shot Clark is still on the loose. British Transport Police are chasing up a number of leads but are yet to make any arrests.