PATIENTS are unhappy with their GP’s new appointment system.

Beechwood Surgery, in Pastoral Way, Warley, recently changed their bookings system meaning their 12,000 patients they care for can no longer book an appointment a few days in advance.

Instead they can either hope to get a time on the day - or wait up to three weeks by booking online or on the phone.

The change has angered patients.

Karen Chilvers said she will switch to another surgery.

Ms Chilvers said: “I don’t think this is reasonable particularly for patients who have to fit appointments round work.”

Surgery manager Kate Woolterton said they will always endeavour to get patients, but said a new system was needed.

She said: “I appreciate working patients might find it difficult and sadly we cannot restrict our appointments available on Saturdays entirely to them, but they still have the option of getting an slot on the day.”