CALLS have been made to sort out the state of grass verges left looking like “muddy bombsites” around Brentwood.

A number of kerbside grass patches have been left in need of desparate repair following the wet winter couple with motorists parking vehicles on them.

Many verges including ones in Westwood Avenue, Hutton, and Friars Avenue, Shenfield, have been left with large tyre marks and grass torn away.

Extreme measures have been taken by some residents who have put large stones on verges outside their homes to prevent vehicles parking up.

John Newberry, of Rochford Avenue, said some of the patches look “awful” adding it is a growing problem across Brentwood.

Mr Newberry, who is the Lib Dem candidate for Brentwood West in May’s local elections, said: “I appreciate they are stuck for parking space.

“But we the amount of rain we’ve had over winter the vehicles are just sinking deeper into the ground.

“The council keep saying they are strapped for cash but it is not very nice for people coming out of their homes to see the verges in the state they are and it is not welcoming for those driving into town.

“I’m not sure whether the best option is to put in parking restrictions or returf the verges, but something needs to be done before the summer.”

County Hall chiefs said they have to prioritise road improvements ahead of repairs to grass verges.

A spokesman said: "We maintain one of the largest highway networks in the country which includes roads and footpaths and we therefore have to prioritise those defects which present the most immediate safety risk.

"Whilst the grass verges may not look aesthetically pleasing, these do not require immediate attention and we are unable to give a timetable for any remedial work."