A WOMAN from Brentwood will be smiling down a golf course in Scotland after winning £1,000 in a charity lottery.

Susan Lister, 57, scooped the money in the St Francis Hospice lottery draw in March and has said a trip north of the border for a golfing holiday will be where the winnings go.

She also donated £100 straight back to the hospice and said it was great to win and be able to help a charity at the same time.

Mrs Lister said: "A lady from the hospice knocked at our door a couple of years ago and we signed up.

"We knew about the hospice because my husband was friends with an orthopaedic surgeon who was very involved in the setting up of the hospice back in the 80s."

Anyone who wishes to participate in the competition can enter by visiting www.sfh.org.uk.