ENGLAND cricket captain Alastair Cook admitted he was more of a “lager man” as he sampled a beer specially brewed in his honour in Brentwood.

Cookie was at the Golden Fleece in Chelmsford on Wednesday April16to launch the “The Alistair Cook Benefit Beer”.

The 29-year-old served up the first glass of the golden ale, to be sold at the pub for £3, and said although he’s not a regular beer drinker, he liked it.

Cook said: “I’m more likely to be seen drinking lager, but Graham Gooch has been trying to get onto drinking the real ale.

“I have been trying to give more ales a try recently and I this one is good as it is quite light so I think drinkers will enjoy it.”

The beer was made by the Brentwood Brewing Company and has been described as having complex blackcurrant and spice flavours with a gentle bitterness.

Brewery managing director Roland Kannor said: “Alastair is welcome at the brewery anytime and he can even bring Graham Gooch along as well if he likes!”

While at the pub, Cook was joined by his Essex team-mates and spoke to and signed autographs for fans.

Jamie Forsyth, 31, who was in the pub at the time, said: “It was quite cool having the England captain stood in the same pub as you and he had time for anyone who wanted to speak to him, which is refreshing.”

Money raised by Cook in his benefit year will be split between four charities, Chance To Shine, the David Randall Foundation, MIND and the Professional Cricketers’ Association Benevolent Fund.