A FAILED Buddhist monk turned award-winning comedian is set to perform at the Brentwood Theatre.

Sam Brady, became a monk soon after finishing university - but was really bad at it, eventually giving up when his daughter was born.

Now, he is an award-winning stand up comic.

Sam is half way through his 2014 tour, Kindness, the third since he turned to comedy, falling in love with it after getting his big laugh as a stand-up performer.

The show, which stops in Brentwood on Sunday, May 18, explores his ongoing struggle to be a "good person" and asks why kindness is so undervalued and so hard to practice.

In August, Sam will be performing at the Edinburgh Festival.

Critics have described the current show as “life presented in its true form with highs and lows and much self-deprecating laughter throughout”.

He is renowned for his friendly, warm, enthusiastic and candid story-telling style and while Sam now shies away from calling himself a Buddhist, his shows remain strongly influenced by Eastern philosophy, as he continues to try and figure out how to live a meaningful life.

Sam found the Buddhist monk way of life difficult to hack owing to its plethora of rules. It’s safe to say he’ll be far more at home bringing laughs to the Brentwood Theatre later this month.

A point proved by the fact his 2011 tour “Meditation Ruined My Life” won him the Forever Manchester Award.

You can catch Sam at the Brentwood Theate at 7.30pm on May 18. Tickets range from £7 to £9.