VIDEO: Public back Chelmsford's 'hip-hop cops'!

5:50pm Wednesday 14th May 2014

MEMBERS of the public have backed two police officers who were filmed playing Nineties hip-hop classic Sound of Da Police from their car on a late-night patrol in Chelmsford.

The video (see below) went viral and it has since been revealed the officers involved could face disciplinary action over the incident, which happened during the Easter weekend.

However, there's been a bit of a backlash from residents who feel the whole thing has been blown well out of proportion.

Jeremy Davies, 34, from Chelmsford, said: “This is the sort of thing which paints the police in a good light. OK, they probably can’t drive around blaring music from their speakers all the time, but this was a bit of fun on a night patrol and should be treated like that.

“It’s ridiculous they should be faced with the prospect of disciplinary action.”

Sam Hornsby, 25, also from the city, agreed. He said: “It was incredibly funny and shows these officers have a sense of humour.

“I personally think this was a great bit of PR for the modern police force. It showed they are not so far removed that they can’t have a laugh.

“I just hope this can be dropped and these officers can get on with their jobs.”

An Essex Police spokesman said: “The two officers have been identified after contacting the professional standards department and they have provided information regarding their behaviour and activity.

“A report will nowbe sent to a senior officer for a decision to be made as to what, if any, disciplinary action needs to be taken.”


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