FREE or not so free?

Businesses and residents have been left confused, and a little peeved off, about food waste bags in Brentwood.

The bags are now free for residents when collected from the Town Hall. Until last month they cost £1 a roll.

However, shops in the borough are still selling the bags, yet unsuspecting residents have been walking in thinking they can just take the bags.

Simon Parker, of Millet Christopher’s on Hutton Road, Shenfield, said all these bags should either be charged for or free, no matter where collected.

He said: “I don’t think it’s fair or right where it’s a two way system.

“What about the older resident who now have to get on a bus to get to the hall and get their bags?

“You either charge for the bags or you don’t. People have been coming in here thinking they can take the bags for free, and I’ve had to stop them. Bit it’s confusing.

“I’m happy to have a bucket outside for people to take them if they’re going to be free, but then how do you manage how many people take?”

A spokeswoman for Brentwood Council said: “Residents that are registered will receive delivery of the bags throughout June.

“Food waste bags can also now be collected free of charge from the Town Hall or roadshows that are taking place over the summer.

“However, residents still have the option to purchase the bags from local retailers for convenience if they can’t get to the Town Hall.”