BRENTWOOD will hope to be beneficiaries of £10 million of funding that will used to repair pot holes across Essex.

County hall last week announced it had successfully applied for £4.4 million of funding from the government to help mend damage on thousands of roads across the county.

The funds will be added to £5.6 million county hall already has in place for the repairs..

It is thought there are about 16,000 pot holes throughout Essex.

Lib Dem councillor, and chair of the highways panel on Brentwood Council, David Kendall, said he hoped upcoming repairs would be done to a high standard, and not break up after a few months like previous repairs.

He added: “I welcome the fact that there will be more investment in potholes but there are three key issues that need to be decided.

“What mechanism are they going to use to maintain the potholes; what is the quality of the repair going to be like and what is the auditing system in place to make sure they are to a good standard.”

Councillor Rodney Bass, in charge of highways at county hall, said the money wouldn’t repair all the damage, but would make a difference.

He said: “This funding will make a difference. We know that highway defects are one of the biggest sources of dissatisfaction in the county.

“This is another boost to the investment which Essex County Council itself is already putting in to improve roads, keep transport moving and ensure future economic growth and prosperity in the county.”