WHEN UB40 came to town at the weekend to headline this year’s Brentwood Festival they may have sung hit song Red, Red Wine, but back stage they were partial to local, local ale.

Ethan Kannor, assistant brewer at the Brentwood Brewing Company, couldn’t resist handing over some bottles of the popular Summer Virgin brew to the band when he met them backstage.

Ali, Astro and Mickey were chuffed with the gift, and it later transpired that singer Astro is a member of CAMRA – the Campaign for Real Ale.

Roland Kannor, managing director of the company, said: "We are delighted that Ali, Astro and Mickey accepted our gift of traditionally brewed real ale.

“Our award-winning Summer Virgin is a very special beer to us as it is the first one we brewed back in 2006. It's a popular, refreshing summer ale and we hope they like it."

In recognition of Astro’s enthusiasm for real ale the band have been invited to return to Brentwood for a brewery visit and perhaps to brew their own beer.