A MUM has joined up with a children’s charity in appealing for donations to help her daughter get an electric wheelchair.

Katie Ben-Aderet, 17, from Ingrave, has cerebral palsy, epilepsy and global developmental delay, which results in challenging behaviours and mood swings.

She relies on a wheelchair for mobility and is in desperate need of a powered model to give her more oppurtunities to get out and about.

Because Katie can walk a few short steps within her home with the use of leg splints, she does not meet the local authority’s criteria for a powered wheelchair.

Her mum, Jane, said: “With Katie being tall and heavy, it is hard to push over anything except flat ground; even small slopes are very difficult. However, the main issue is her behavioural problems.

“In her existing wheelchair when she doesn’t want to go somewhere she just puts her feet on the floor and you have to stop or risk breaking her ankles. You’re stuck.”

Jane added that Katie is also missing out on experiences at Columbus College in Chelmsford, where she’ll be for another two years studying.

The £5,539 wheelchair would make travelling uphill easier and could be tilted to raise Katie’s feet off the floor.

It would also have an option to allow her directional control, and give Katie more independence.

Jane added: “Katie has been able to trial one of these wheelchairs and it was obvious that she was having a lovely time discovering that she could choose where she wanted to go.”

If you think you can help the Ben-Aderet family, the Newlife Community Fund- raising Team can be contacted on freephone 0800 988 4640 or email fundraise@ newlifecharity.co.uk