NEW gates are set to be installed at Hutton Recreation Ground after a traveller invasion.

It comes after a group illegally pitched up last week for four days before leaving a trail of rubbish in their wake.

Gates which restrict the height of vehicles were taken down last year. New ones will now be installed.

Two caravans set up home on the park, off Wash Road, last Monday and were immediately served an eviction notice, which gave them 24 hours to leave.

The caravans, though, who were soon joined by five more, didn’t leave until the Thursday night.

Louise McKinlay, Hutton North councillor, said: “This a vulnerable area as we saw last week, so now we’ve called for the barriers to go in. If the height restriction was in place, this wouldn’t have happened.

“We had complaints from residents about the noise and mess. It was a disturbing incident for people. There’s a nursery nearby and a Scout hut.”


PERMISSION for a permanent traveller site in Roman Road has been approved.

The site has been the home of three traveller families for 12 years. They have been living there on temporary planning permission.

The site has been granted permanent status as part of the five sites the council must identify.