TOWIE’s Debbie Douglas and her daughter Lydia Bright have launched an appeal for more foster carers on behalf of Barnardo’s.

The stars have revealed how fostering has touched their lives in a bid to encourage more people in Essex to come forward. Debbie is a foster carer and Barnardo’s supporter. She said once she took the decision to become a fosterer 20 years ago, she never looked back.

She said: "Over the 20 years I have been fostering children I have lost count of those who have spent summers with me but all of those who I am still in touch with recall the same memories of our holidays. The reality is children who come into care have often never seen a seaside, built sand castles or swam in the sea.

"The excitement and sometimes fear you see in the child's eyes as they experience the unknown sticks with you. Once I took the decision to become a foster carer I didn’t look back."

Lydia said: "My mother has been a foster carer for as long as I can remember and over the years has fostered hundreds of children. So my childhood was somewhat different to the 'norm,' but it was absolutely incredible and I am so grateful.

"I have met some amazing children and people throughout my life and being a foster sister really made me value the important things in life."

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