FIREFIGHTERS remain at the site of a large woodpile fire in Mountnessing a week after the fire first started.

A fire broke out within the 5,000 ton pile of disused timber on Monday afternoon.

Crews are overseeing a "controlled burn" of the woodpile.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer Paul Hill said: "We always knew that this was going to be a protracted incident requiring a long term attendance believe that the controlled burn is likely last longer than the seven days first reported.

"We are working closely with the Environment Agency to limit the environmental impact of the fire and have now set up a system in which water running off from the fire is recycled and re-used to douse the flames. This not only reduces the amount of water we use it also prevent run-off from entering the water course.

"Our crews are working hard to contain this fire as we allow it to burn itself out in a controlled way."

Firefighters are also working to replenish supplies at a nearby boating lake, from where water has been taken to douse the fire.