PAVEMENT defects in Brentwood High Street are a trip hazard waiting to happen, according to a county councillor.

David Kendall, councillor for Brentwood South, wants to see defects along the High Street and on Wilsons Corner mended before someone gets injured.

But Essex County Council doesn’t consider the defects, which include loose paving stones and uneven surfaces, to be below county standards, nor of any danger to the public.

Mr Kendall, who also chairs Brentwood Council’s business and town centre committee, said: “These defects have been there for well over a year and they represent a serious trip hazard. It’s clearly a problem.

“Essex County Council spent £7million recently renovating the High Street. Should it not give a level of care too?

“As far as it’s concerned, there’s nothing that needs immediate attention. Am I looking at the wrong roads?

“A big frustration is that we pay £33million a year in council tax to Essex, and part of my job as a county councillor is to get some of that money back and spent in Brentwood.

“It’s quite reasonable to expect these kind of defects to be fixed.”

The Weekly News has seen an email which suggests County Hall has no immediate plans to carry out remedial work along Brentwood High Street.