CHELMSFORD'S MP said he is confident the Conservatives will do well in June’s General Election.

Theresa May announced the shock election earlier today.

Sir Simon added he was shocked but understood the reasons behind the announcement from the Prime Minister.

Sir Simon said: “I think there are disputes between the political parties and politicians about the way forward with the Brexit process.

“Theresa May needs more support for the way she wants to lead the Brexit negotiations.

“I think the Tories will win with a landslide victory and will win more seats in Government.

“We have already seen victories for the Conservatives when the party won a Labour seat during the Copeland by-election earlier this year.

“We have also seen the Tories take a seat from Labour in the council by-elections in Middlesbrough.”

Sir Simon said the Conservatives had yet to select a candidate for the constituency.

Stephen Robinson, leader of the Chelmsford Liberal Democrats Party said he could see a Lib Dem MP for the city.

He added: “The only way to prevent a Conservative Government is to vote for the Lib Dems.

"Brexit will be a disaster and it will hit Chelmsford badly as there are businesses in the city that rely on the European market.

“I have been speaking with residents in the city who have supported the Conservative Party in the past but are not sure about which party to support in the elections.

“The constituency residents voted to stay in the EU. I think that the Prime Minister has called this shock election in the hope that it will bypass the chaos that Brexit will cause as she will not be able to call an election by 2020 when the county is in disaster due to Brexit.”

The Weekly News contacted the local Labour Party and Ukip, but no one was available to comment by the time of going to press