COUNCILLORS and residents have praised the city council for refusing controversial plans for a children’s care home.

Chelmsford City Council’s planning committee refused the application to change a home into a children’s care home in Bouchers Mead, Springfield, at a meeting last Tuesday, May 9.

The plans were met with anger from residents in Springfield and the council received a 253-signature petition against the development.

The council was also sent 143 objection letters from residents who opposed the plans.

Susan Sullivan, Conservative councillor for Springfield North, said she is delighted with the decision.

She added: “I am pleased that the planning committee listened to the residents and understood that Springfield North is a densely populated area.

“We have about 9,000 residents living in a small area and we do not have any industry or large shopping centres - it is a residential neighbourhood.

“People in Springfield North like to come home and escape the pressures of modern life by relaxing at home.

“I can understand why people were concerned about the plans and the potential issues that could have arisen from the care home.

“I was concerned when the plans were first put in to the city council - for me the issue was potential disruption from the young people living at the care home.

“I think that the opportunity for disruption was immense and I am pleased that the committee made a reasonable judgement on this application.”

The concerns that were raised by residents and also Springfield Parish Council included worries over increased noise, crime and antisocial behaviour.

However, a planning officer produced a report which stated there was no evidence behind these concerns and it was recommended that the council agree the plans at the meeting depsite the concerns.