CHELMSFORD residents are being reminded to remain vigilant to bogus callers after the city council revealed a number of reports have been made to them in recent weeks of people claiming to be from the Department for Health and Social Security.

Residents reported the calls after becoming wary when the callers claimed to be from “Chelmsford Borough Council on behalf of the DHSS”, when in fact the authority hasn’t been a borough council since being awarded city status in 2012.

The council is reminding residents to ask any cold caller to present suitable identification before providing any personal information or letting them enter their homes.

Anyone who is legitimately representing the council will be more than happy to provide forms of identification.

Councillor Nicolette Chambers, in charge of corporate services, said: “We all need to remain vigilant when it comes to bogus callers or anyone trying to gain entry to our homes.

“If you suspect the credentials of anyone who calls at your address, ask for identification and refuse to provide any information about yourself until they can prove who they are.”

If you doubt the identity of any member of Chelmsford City Council staff, please call 01245 606606 and provide the officers name where they will check they are who they say they are.