RUMOURS are rife that a pub in a sleepy Chelmsford village could soon be taken over by one of the UK’s most notorious musicians...

The talk of Pleshey is that Keith Flint, vocalist in hardcore dance band The Prodigy, is in talks with owners of the Leather Bottle, in The Street, about buying the boozer.

Flint, 44, was born in Chelmsford, and is known around the world for his punk image and being part of the band that has had huge hits over the last two decades including Firestarter, Invaders Must Die and Voodoo People.

The pub’s landlord though insisted there was nothing in the rumours.

Speculation has been mounting in recent weeks, with many villagers believing a deal is already done.

A resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “There are big rumours that Keith Flint has bought the lease for the Leather Bottle because he loves the pub so much.

“It would be amazing to have someone as high profile as him as the owner of the only pub in Pleshey!”

The band, who originate from Braintree, formed in 1990.

They’re regular headliners at festivals all over the world and have often been seen at V Festival in Chelmsford.

The Leather Bottle’s landlord, who didn’t want to be named, admitted he had heard the rumours.

He said: “I’m the licensee holder and have been for a number of years, and I’ve heard nothing from Mr Flint or anyone else.

“I’m aware there’s been speculation about it, but there’s nothing at the moment.”

The Weekly News was unable to contact Mr Flint or his representaives for a comment.