A CHELMSFORD man has been released on bail after being exposed of selling a powerful hallucinogenic drug on the streets of the city.

In an expose by a national newspaper, Harry Williams, 19, was caught on camera boasting how he made the drug dimethyltryptamine – DMT – using bark from trees in the Amazon.

He said he uses chemicals and lab equipment to cook the psychedelic drug, which can raise heart rate and blood pressure more than cocaine or crystal meth, which was the drug of choice in hit TV show Breaking Bad.

DMT also has the power to convince users they are dying.

Williams told the undercover reporter he sells the Class A drug for £300 a gram, and was after a partner to help him double his output. He estimated he makes up to two grams a week from his portable lab.

A police spokeswoman confirmed an investigation began on Wednesday, September 3, and that detectives executed a search warrant at an address in city. No arrests were made at the time but that property was ceased for forensic examination.

She added: “A 19-year-old handed himself into police at Chelmsford on Thursday, September 4. He has been released on bail until October 20 for further enquiries to be undertaken.”