A GENEROUS school girl raised £250 for a hospital that cared for her.

Lilli Watts, seven, from Newsland Spring stayed at Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford last year after getting a Urinary tract infection.

The infections are common infections and affect the bladder, the kidneys and the tubes connected to them.

In November, she was admitted to Phoenix Ward for a week with an infection, followed by a stay in Wizard Ward following day surgery for mole removal.

The youngster held a cake sale at her school, The Bishops’ C of E & R C Primary School in Beardsley Drive, Chelmsford.

Mum, Charlotte Mumford, said: “The hospital staff were amazing and Lillie was so relaxed whilst she was in hospital.

“She is obsessed with arts and crafts and having access to lots of materials on both wards was a huge bonus for her - she spent most of her time gluing and sticking, making pictures and helping to decorate things ready for Christmas.

“Lillie decided all by herself that she wanted to do a cake sale to raise money for the hospital and she spoke to her headteacher to ask if this is something she could do.

“The school staff were more than happy to say yes and it snowballed from there. I then had the task of arranging to either bake or buy enough cakes for the whole school!

“Lillie is a very sweet, caring little girl and this kind of gesture isn't out of the ordinary for her.

“She always wants to please other people and for her to have the idea herself for the cake sale was just her way of being able to do something for the wonderful staff on the wards. I am incredibly proud of Lillie for having this idea and being so kind, we raised much more money than we thought we would and she is so proud of herself.”