EFFORTS are being made to ensure tougher and more consistent sentences for those found guilty of acid attacks.

The news comes after two males carried out five attacks within 90 minutes across London on Thursday night.

Acid attacks have also recently happened in South Essex. In 2014 former Rayleigh resident Darren Pidgeon was sprayed in the face with acid in during an unprovoked attack in Kingsmere, Thundersley around 11.20pm on June 3.

The father-of-two suffered third degree burns to his face and body and has since received multiple skin grafts.

Former Minister Stephen Timms who will lead a debate around the matter in the Commons on Monday said:”I think we should have tougher and also more consistent sentences for those who are found guilty of carrying out these attacks.

“Sulphuric acid is already covered by the Explosives Precursor Regulations introduced last year, but I think it should be raised to the higher category, which would mean you’d have to have a licence in order to buy it.”