THREE  British men have been been tortured by police in Dubai while awaiting trial, a human rights charity has claimed.

Suneet Jeerh, from Essex, and Grant Cameron and Karl Williams, both from London, are alleged to have been held for months without trial after being arrested while on holiday.

They were stopped by police on July 10 last year who claimed to have found synthetic cannabis in their car.

The case was highlighted by Marc Calcutt, a lawyer for the charity Reprieve, who said the men signed documents in Arabic - a language none of them understands.

He said they did this after having guns put to their heads and in Williams' case, having electric shocks administered.

They have denied charges of "consumption and possession with intent to distribute" and will appear at their first trial hearing on Thursday after spending seven months in custody.

Williams and Cameron have been held at Port Rashid police station since their arrest, while Jeerh was moved and is now in Al Awir Central Jail.