A NOISY gas cylinder which kept residents up at night has been dealt with after the council were forced to step in.

Brentwood Council were contacted by people living in Wharf Road raising concerns about a noise which could be heard in the street and would rise and fall during the night.

An investigation by the authority’s environmental health team discovered the source of the problem was coming from high pressured gas inside a gas governor on the National Grid site based next to the road.

The power company were contacted by council bosses to fix the issue.

Tony Sleep, councillor responsible for the environment, said: “It’s not acceptable for our residents to be disturbed by noise nuisance and the council will take swift action against anyone who breaches the law.

“Our work ensured that peace quickly returned to hose living near Wharf Road.

“We will always act promptly to deal with noise pollution and against any other issues that affect environmental standards.”

National Grid have said they will take additional steps to prevent any future noise complaints at the site.