OPPOSITION leaders at Brentwood Council have said the Conservative group is in “turmoil” after four councillors quit the party.

David Kendall, Lib Dem group leader, believes the Tories are beginning to pay for not listening to the constituents they serve.

Mr Kendall said: “We have watched the Tories fight like ferrets in a sack for the past couple of years and it was only ever a matter of when, not if, this major split was going to happen.

“The Conservatives running Brentwood took their eye off the ball some time ago and are totally out of touch with the people of Brentwood."

Labour leader Mike Le-Surf said it was good to see some of the councillors standing up for what they believe in rather than what they are told.

Mr Le-Surf said: “Arrogance and secrecy have caused this Tory administration to collapse at an amazing rate and they have now lost eight borough councillors this year alone.

“The Town Hall is currently run more like a dictatorship than a democracy so its heartening to see that some Conservatives are putting Brentwood residents' needs before the party whip.”