A BOROUGH councillor has criticised County Hall officials after a number of roads in Brentwood appeared to vanish on their online maps.

Karen Chilvers, Lib Dem councillor for Brentwood West at Brentwood Council, flagged up the issue after trying to report potholes in a number of roads around the town to Essex County Council.

Much to her surprise though, she discovered Milton Road, The Chase, Halfhides, Deans Road and St Peter’s Road were not on the map while St James’ Road was spelt St Jame’s Road.

Miss Chilvers said she was “incredulous” considering the authority is charged with looking after the roads in the county.

She added: “It’s clear the remoteness of our highways management, sold down the river with the majority of our other services by a Tory administration in crisis, is doing the people of Brentwood no favours, when it can’t even get its information correct.”

“It’s all very well having a fancy reporting tool for potholes but if your road is not there, you’re going to struggle a bit and as far as St Jame’s Road goes, we have no idea who St Jame is, and even Google couldn’t find him or her.”

Officials from the county council said an issue had occurred on the map which can be viewed on its website and they are trying to resolve the glitch.

A spokesman for the county council said: “Upon investigation, the errors are the fault of internet map provider and we have reported these concerns to them.

“A resident can find a road location by adding more specific information into the map tool, for example; by typing the name of the road, town and county, the map will source the location or will provide a number of options with similar names to choose from.”