COUNCILLORS have joined forces to look at ways of improving Brentwood train station.

Ten councillors - Conservative, Lib Dem, Labour and Brentwood First - are putting aside politics differences to decide on what changes must happen.

The group said the condition of fence railings, pavement defects, overgrown vegetation and worn out road markings were priorities.

David Kendall, county councillor for Brentwood South and Brentwood Bus and Rail Users Association secretary, said this will hopefully lead to a series of works rather than minor changes now and then.

The Lib Dem, who is a borough councillor for Pilgrims Hatch, said: “I am very pleased that my borough colleagues have agreed to put their political differences to one side and support a united approach on this issue.

“It is far better that we all try and work together on trying to get improvments to the gateway to Brentwood rather than individuals going it alone.

“Getting the money for the improvments and trying to satisfy local retailers and residents expectations will be a tall order, but it's very important we give it a try and as a group we will be doing all we can to make it happen.”