FOOD hygiene standards in Brentwood are the best enforced in Essex and second best in the country.

This is according to the results of a poll compiled by product testing charity Which? which praised Brentwood Council for how they operate local food cleanliness information.

Stickers with a rating between zero for urgent improvement necessary to five indicating very good are given to outlets in the borough to tell customers of the standards.

The project is part of a national scheme using information from the Food Standards Agency.

Keith Parker, council spokesman for the environment, said having the standards in Brentwood praised is fantastic.

The Conservative councillor added thanks must be given to both officers from the authority and traders.

Mr Parker said: “Getting recognition from an independent organisation shows that the council works hard with the resources it has to ensure that food sold in the borough is safe and fit to eat.

“The credit also goes to our food businesses that have achieved this success as it helps build confidence in eating out and encourages economic prosperity.

“Over the years we have developed a strong professional relationship with our traders built on trust and expertise.

“They are encouraged to actively come to us for advice and support, which is what we are here for.”