A REVIEW into the future of all Essex police stations has been launched - and Kelvedon Hatch’s base is set to go.

Essex Police is looking at all the buildings it owns, including stations and their main headquarters, to see what can be sold to raise money.

By 2016 the force will have to run policing in Essex with £78million less in Government grants than it had in 2010 in a county with a rapidly growing population.

The force has already earmarked nine stations and nine other buildings for sale, some of which will go onto the open market shortly including the station in Kelvedon Hatch.

Police and Crime Commissioner Nick Alston said: “We are currently conducting a review of all Essex Police stations and buildings, including the headquarters site, to assess whether they still serve the needs of both the force and the people of our county.

“In the modern world there are many different ways of contacting the police and the Essex Police Evolve programme will be exploring these as it strives to make the force as effective as possible.”