GERMAN film legend Marlene Dietrich will be remembered during a special tribute evening in Brentwood.

Tthe actress famed for roles in The Blue Angel and Shanghai Express will be the focus of attention of the Brentwood/Landkreis Roth Town Twinning Association on Saturday February 22.

During the evening at Little Warley and Childerditch Village Hall, in Magpie Lane, Warley, clips from her films will be shown along with a documentary about her life.

There will also be rare chance to watch a recording of her cabaret show which Dietrich toured around the world in 1963.

Dietrich, who died aged 90 in 1992, famously opposed Adolf Hitler’s regime and spent time during the Second World War entertaining Allied troops on the front line.

Show presenter Terry Sanderson said Dietrich was a “fascinating” woman.

Mr Sanderson said: “Her generous, not to say all-encompassing, sexuality, her heroism and determination in opposing the Hitler regime and her magical concert appearances that once seen were forever remembered.

“Her rendition of Where Have all the Flowers Gone is, in the words of Burt Bacharach, one of the most moving and powerful things he’s ever seen.

“She was a woman far ahead of her time, so far ahead in fact that I don’t think we’ve caught up with her yet.

“She was liberated and self-sufficient and lived by her own rules and stuck to her principles come what may."

The show starts at 7.30pm with tickets costing £10.

To book a seat for the evening, contact Robin Staine on 01277 219673.