CELEBRITIES and their pet dogs will be show off some new tricks taught by a trainer from Brentwood in aid of Sport Relief.

Sport Relief’s Top Dog starts tonight at 6.30pm featuring stars including Olympic gold medalist Sally Gunnell and TV chef Ainsley Harriott teaching their pooches Crufts-style agility skills.

Giving a helping hand to the celebs is Roy Dyer from the Doddinghurst Road-based Essex Dog Display Team.

Mr Dyer is acting as the head trainer and consultant for the series which runs until March 23 and will be shown every evening on BBC Two.

Talking about the show, Mr Dyer said: “My task was to train the celebrities with their untrained dogs.

“Some of the stars were better than others and there are a few who really should stick to their day job.

“But it was great fun to be part of and that is main aim of the show.

“Hopefully it’ll be enjoyable for all the family and raise lots of cash for Sport Relief.”