STUDENTS in Brentwood have lent a helping hand in the search for missing Malaysian Airlines plane.

A team of International Baccalaureate pupils at Brentwood School joined a worldwide effort co-ordinated by the Malaysian Government to find flight MH370 which mysteriously disappeared Saturday March 8 with 239 people onboard.

The students used computers to go through satelite images to try and find any signs of wreckage or oil slicks in the South China Sea where the plane is thought to be.

Lower Sixth Form pupil Sam Turnpenny organised the search and rescue mission at the school's end and said it was an interesting experience.

Mr Turnpenny said: "'We may not have found the plane but we ticked off a huge area and discovered loads of mysterious things.

"Everyone involved was really pleased to be able to try something completely new and it was really great to be able to conduct a search in exactly the same way the military are doing right now."