CONCERNED residents plunged into darkness following a controversial move to switch-off street lights during the night want a reprieve - like their neighbours.

Residents in Crow Green Lane, Crow Green Road, Hatch Road and Catherine Close have been lit back up following a request from Essex Police.

It came after burglaries in at least 17 homes in the area over last month. Now other neighbourhoods want the same treatment.

Residents in nearby Coxtie Green Road are fearful of burglars - and think the black-out encourages fly-tipping.

A resident, 29, who asked not to be named, said: “I have noticed an increase in items being dumped around here.

“These people can easily do this sort of thing now under the cover of darkness. This is another worrying factor.

“Burglaries are an obvious worry too, just look what’s been happening in the roads nearby. The lights on all the country roads and lanes should come back on now.”

Roads across the county have been switched off between midnight and 5am following a County Council decision earlier this year.

The lights switch-on in the four roads was ordered by acting Insp Scott Kingsnorth to reassure the public, and was controversially backed by Brentwood and Ongar Tory MP Eric Pickles.

Police have said there is no link to prove burglary is in the up following the light switch off, and as a whole there hasn’t been a notable increase in crime.