TWO police officers, dubbed the "hip hop cops", after playing a rap classic from their marked car on a late night Chelmsford patrol will keep their jobs.

The officers were spoken with and advised on their behaviour by their management and the case is now closed.

The pair were filmed by revellers during the Easter weekend blaring the 1990s classic, Sound of Da Police from their patrol car. (see below)

It was posted on YouTube and Facebook and the footage soon became a massive internet hit.

Police chiefs considered taking disciplinary action against them, but the force faced something of a backlash from the public who felt that was over the top.

Jack Raymond, 23, from Chelmsford, was pleased the officers kept their jobs.

He said: "They were only having a bit of fun after all.

"It would have been out of order if they had been disciplined, or worse. This whole episode is  something of a legend now in the city!"

Jeremy Davies, 34, from Chelmsford, was also glad the case had been dropped.

He said: “They have done the police's image a favour if you ask me.

"It was all a bit of a mountain out of a mole hill."

The track they played was by KRS One made famous in La Haine, the black and white French 1995 film about youths clashing with the police.