PLANS to resurface two roads in Brentwood just weeks after road markings were repainted has been condemned and ridiculed.

Almost five miles of Ongar Road and Shenfield Road had its lines repainted last month following almost two years of pleading from Brentwood Lib Dems.

The strip from the Black Horse pub, down to Wilsons Corner, and then along Shenfield Road to the Mountnessing roundabout near the A12 were touched up.

But then contractors moved in last week to begin the resurfacing works.

Brentwood council leader Barry Aspinall has hit out at the cost of the mix up, which he said runs into the “tens of thousands of pounds” - and it also meant the road was closed for two nights while the work was carried out.

He said: “All that money and time they spent has been a huge waste.

“I’m frustrated and angered. We had these lovely new lines put down and now they’re gone. Why didn’t they check the calendar? It’s a total inconvenience to residents.

“Now they’ve covered them all up so we now have to go through it all again and have no road markings for the next three months.”

As part of the resurfacing, chippings have been laid down on the road and are designed to be flattened by cars, buses and other vehicles.

It’s also left motorists angry of potential damage to their cars.

One resident, who uses Ongar Road on their commute to work, said: “It sounds like the council wasted money repainting the lines in the first place.

“But they’ve also cut corners by putting down this horrendous surface of loose chippings, that spray up and chip cars’ paintwork.

“It’s a cheap fix and they’re expecting motorists to bed the surface in! The whole thing is a farce.”

An Essex Highways spokesperson said: “We are aware of the concerns raised and are looking into the issue.”