NIGHT time parking charges will double in Brentwood and Shenfield, it's been confirmed.

Last week the Weekly News reported that Brentwood Council were thinking of introducing a charge of £2 for parking from 7pm-6am in a bid to drive down day time parking charges for residents and those who work in the town.

A council committee meeting last night agreed to start the process to bring in a three month trial period. It’s anticipated the scheme could start in October.

The new administration at the council are keen for those who come to the town at night, often to visit places like the Sugar Hut, to contribute more towards the town’s economy.

In turn, the council want the profits from increased charging to drive down prices during the day, making it cheaper for those who work and shop in the town.

Night time parking between 7pm and 9pm currently costs £1, with motorists paying £10.50 to park for the day in the town.

Throughout the trial period, the council will monitor any impact that may be created with on street parking and comments from residents and businesses will be fed back to the committee on a regular basis. A full report on the outcome of the trial will be brought to the committee in February.

Councillor David Kendall, chair of the business and town centre’s committee, said: “This is the first step in trying to achieve a fair balance between day and night when it comes to parking in Council car parks.

“At the moment, shoppers and those that work in the town pay during the daytime and our night-time visitors park for free.

“Our aim is to reduce the cost of day time parking charges and this pilot scheme will help us work towards that”.