A SECOND weekly market could be heading to Brentwood town centre – on Fridays.

It would complement the one already in place every Saturday in the High Street.

Brentwood Council also wants to explore the possibility of a German-style Christmas market and a market run by youths.

Councillor David Kendall, who chairs the business and town centre committee, said Essex Farmers Market (EFM), which run the Saturday event, would now run a survey to see how it can improve before committing to the Friday.

He added: “We’re in the mode now that we’re pre pared to try some new things and take some risks and give this a try.

“It’s about helping to make the town as vibrant as possible.

“There are a lot of people that work in the town during the week so there’s people here who would like to enjoy the Saturday market that can’t make it.

“So already there’s potential room for a captive audience.”

EFM has already increased the number of stalls and what’s on offer following a public consultation in January.

Mike Allen, manager of Essex Farmers Markets, said: “The High Street is completely different during the week compared to a Saturday. We need to encourage more business from the people who work here and I think that could be sustained by a Friday food market.”