GET ready to enjoy a top tribute act to the Style Council when it comes to the Brentwood Theatre.

The Style Councillors will appear at the venue on Saturday with their versions of the songs made famous by Paul Weller and co.

Not only do they replicate the vocal and sound of the songs, but they also use the swirling Hammond organ and classic horns to recreate the feel of the 80s band.

They’ve even been praised by Weller and Talbot for their love and dedication in order to “do it how it was”.

The collaborative song writing between Weller and Talbot made for some of the most memorable hit songs of the decade, including My Ever Changing Moods, The Walls Come Tumbling Down and Shout to the Top.

The show starts at 8pm and tickets are limited. Prices start from £8.

Call the box office on 01277 200305 to find out about availability.