After dropping to third in the league, Brentwood took on fifth-placed Wapping.

The game started at a very quick pace with Brentwood scoring three goals in the first 15 minutes with goals coming from Simon Rettenbury, Nick Hull and an own goal.

Wapping managed to score two very weak goals before the half time whistle, bringing the score line to 3-2.

A reverse stick shot into the bottom left hand corner wrong-footed keeper Ian Malone and the second from a short corner routine, with the ball bobbling over sweeper and captain Simon Teale’s stick to find the back board.

Shortly after the start of the second half Brentwood secured their fourth with a drilled ball into the D and a defection off the Wapping defence.

Minutes later Wapping responded with a cross D ball to an unmarked man who slipped it home.

Pressure mounted but Brentwood kept to their game plan and their fifth goal was scored by top goal scorer and vice captain James Duggan.

A thunderbolt shot at the top of the D by Ian Forbes made the score line 6-3, and Wapping scored a late goal from a short corner for a final score of 6-4.