Brentwood hosted Potters Bar and were looking for payback after only managing a draw in the first half of the season.

The home side started at a great pace.

Early goals from James Duggan and Paul Haynes showed Brentwood this game was all about crushing the opposition and the chance to take the scoreline into double figures.

Potters Bar looked out of their league playing against promotion-chasing Brentwood. Their one consolation goal came from a very weak ball that split the defence and found them slightly asleep giving their centre forward one of their only opportunities.

Brentwood played some fantastic hockey and with the crowd behind them, cheering them on in the freezing conditions, continued to batter the away side’s defence and goal.

With two hat-trick goal scorers in one game, Brentwood will surely be in top spirits for next week.

James Duggan managed to take his tally to four goals with some great work across the goal line and sheer determination. He carries on being the top goal scorer this season.

Paul Haynes also scored a hat-trick and with goals from Stevie Neven, Adrian Gilder and Cashel Gleeson, Brentwood wrapped up the 10-1 victory.