BRENTWOOD Stags took on Richmond AA at Warley Field on Sunday in the AA league of the British Baseball Federation.

The double-header was shared with a win each, 13-3 to Stags and 16-6 to Richmond.

Stags took off right where they left it last week, firing on all cylinders. The previous week’s encounter saw them demolish South London Pirates 14-1 and 19-6 in a double-header, so the momentum looked to be continuing.

And the Stags ran out winners once more this week with the “slaughter” rule (10 runs ahead after five innings).

Brian Kulasena (pitching for the Stags) was indeed near pitch perfect, running just short of a perfect game.

Richmond’s usual resilience couldn’t surface in game one because it was all over in one hour 45 minutes as the Stags ran riot with a hitting display that ran through the team. Bridgers, Talbot, Ross Cook, Donat and Rutland hit relentless, productive barrages at Richmond’s infield.

Cook and Rutland’s outfield catches humbled Richmond’s batters who were becoming distraught as their best hitters were caught time and time again. Zurita’s continuous catches stood out at second base, closely followed by Bridger’s efforts at short stop.

Zurita also hit a massive hit to left field, falling only five or six feet short of the home run fence (a homerun in most ballparks). The Stag’s performance impressed many with the 13-3 scoreline in game one.

The second game was a complete contrast as both teams changed pitcher. Dennison (pitcher for Kulasena) stepped on to the mound for the Stags.

Though steady and deliberate the Stag’s infield constantly errored for some reason, and Richmond built a 7-2 lead going into the fourth inning. Richmond became slick aggressors from this point on.

Dennison pitched well but momentum was with Richmond and their tails were up.

The Brentwood side momentarily lacked fortitude and execution of plays in throwing to home and first base and Richmond scored repeatedly.

Stags brought Kulasena to the mound once more, who stabilised Richmond’s scoring.

He produced two shut outs, his Stag team mates added three more runs in the fifth and sixth innings.

Kulasena’s nine innings of pitching were up. Dennison went to the mound once more to close the game and Brentwood’s wounds with the second game finishing 16-6 to Richmond.

The double-header was shared one game each.

Glen Robertson, the acting manager of Brentwood Bucks, reported Brentwood Bucks senior team won 35-20 playing away to Richmond A.

The result saw the Bucks creating history in their first season as Richmond A were last year’s champions.