IT WAS a cold, windy day at Brentwood’s Astroturf as the two teams stepped on to the pitch.

The game began with Chelmsford dominating play as Brentwood were still asleep. This allowed Chelmsford to pull into the lead within the first 15 minutes.

However, after the goal Brentwood woke up and soon began to dominate the possession.

Good link-up play between James Duggan, Alex Haynes and Paul Haynes saw the notorious striker Alex Haynes through on goal where his composure allowed him to lift the ball over the keeper and strike the ball into the goal, rippling the back board.

The second half saw yet more domination from the Brentwood side where chances were numerous but no goal arrived.

This was soon diminished as Rob Fryer picked up the ball and played a well weighted through ball to James Duggan who layed the ball off to Paul Haynes who gave the keeper the eyes and trickled the ball into the goal.

Brentwood defended well for the next section of play with the defence keeping the Chelmsford forwards at bay and Kris Spurling making some good saves.

It seemed Brentwood were going to come home with a victory, especially when Cash Gleeson was hacked down and one of the Chelmsford players sent off.

However, this was not meant to be when one of the Chelmsford players performed a mazy run and reversed the ball into the goal.

The game ended as a draw and despite the commotion at the end of the game the Brentwood team were on top for most of the game, both during and after.